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My Hot Girlfriend is a  goofy little narrative puzzle game where players, taking on the role of one girlfriend, need to help "cool off" their very warm partner! Think of it as a micro-adventure game complete with narrative puzzles and visual novel cutscenes, all around the theme of helping someone you love get more comfortable. Also, because this is a queer game, there is a LOT of seltzer. 

How to play:

My Hot Girlfriend is meant to be an extremely breezy and accessible game! In the Visual Novel segments, simply click on your desired choices for dialogue and action.

Puzzle scenes behave in a similar fashion to traditional point and click adventure games: so mouseover and click around! Clicking on certain objects will bring items to your inventory (always present in the lower left of the screen). You can then click and drag inventory items onto other objects (or characters!) on the screen to solve the puzzles.

See that blue cord up there, right under the character sprite with the "!" bubble? That's an inventory item being dragged around the screen. Hints for what an object is and where it might want to go always appear in the bottom left!

If you ever get lost of stuck, mouseover the big "?" button in the bottom center of the screen. It will immediately highlight all of the important interactable objects on the screen!

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle, Visual Novel
TagsCute, Queer


My Hot GF PC Build (final!).zip 75 MB

Install instructions

For the PC .exe, simply download the files, extract them to a folder of your choice, and hit "run." I'm working on getting other builds out in the world as well :D

Development log


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I had a lovely time playing this game. It reminded me of the cross-country road trip my partner and I went on this summer. I’m not much of a camper, but I became more of one!

Thanks for making this. I’m glad it’s a form of expression that you seem to enjoy using.

I’ve got a bug worth mentioning. At this dialog choice, when I picked the first one, I never got another bit of dialog. I felt I had to Alt-F4. Tried it twice both with & without dad jokes. :P

thank you so much for playing, and apologies for the bug! I’m unfortunately traveling, but I’ll be back at my main computer in a couple of days and deploying a fixed build!

Absolutely no pressure or rush! Just wanted to let you know. You, uh, literally started a new job? So I get if bug fixes take a backseat.

My favourite part was tormenting my girlfriend with dad jokes and never, ever backing down. Anyway, that's why none of my relationships last longer than a month.

Cute and fun little game! Some feedback, adding a quit option on the title screen would be nice (I couldn't figure out any other way to quit except to alt-tab and closing it on the taskbar), and it's inconsistent with how objects work... it took me a while to figure out what to do with the towels and seltzer on the first level because I thought the shadow icons meant they moved their automatically. Maybe make them flash, or even better let you just drag them onto Sasha (just dragging things onto where they need to go seemed to be how most of the rest of the game work and I felt that was better)

Also, I had to google what seltzer is. We call it sparkling water here, or "fun water" as one of my friends calls it.

thank you so much for playing and for the feedback! I agree! And it’s sparkling water here too, but I suppose in my circles we constantly refer to it as seltzer!


Looks super fun! I still miss your twitch streams!