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Today is Halloween, and I am "releasing" The Wonderful World of Dad Jokes as my trick or treat to the rest of the world.

This is a teeny-tiny 2D adventure game based on puns. I made it to teach myself a bunch of C# tricks, and it's sort of a 'practice" game where I coded an adventure game framework from scratch. As such... it ain't much to look at. But, I love a good scrappy piece of um, "work," so I hope you enjoy it!


-- A lot of dads telling terrible jokes!

-- "Art" and "animation!"

-- 6 scenes of puzzles that you pretty much can't not solve

-- two minutes of "gameplay!"

-- a really cute cat named Mimsy!


-- Left and right arrow keys to walk, mouse to interact with buttons onscreen

This game is dedicated to my dad, the man who is responsible for my sense of humor today. I love you, dad.

Special thanks to my girlfriend, who playtested every version of this and made all the inspirational sound effects for Mimsy the cat.

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